About Us

  • Camp can be a great time to see old friends, make new friends, and build long lasting relationships.

  • Camp is a great time to learn more about God's Word. We have lessons, evening services, and devotionals each day.

  • We teach only from God's Inspired Word.

  • Singing is also a part of our daily activities.

  • A staff of devoted Christian counselors, Bible teachers, cooks, and recreation leaders, are on hand to ensure that your camper is taken care of in a Christian manner.

  • Camp Directors have complete authority over all campers, staff, visitors, campgrounds, and facilities.

  • Each camper will have the personal attention of their cabin counselor and staff.

Bible Camp Offers Many Activities:

  • Bible studies
  • Sports
  • Campfires
  • Singing
  • ​Hayrides
  • Swimming
  • ​Crafts

Who May Attend:

  • ​Any Child 8-19 years of age.
  • Rules for acceptance are the same for everyone, regardless of race, age, sex, or national origin.

Other Information:

What to Bring:

  • ​Bible
  • Notebook
  • Pencil or Pen
  • Pajamas
  • Flashlight
  • Pillow
  • Bedding
  • Robe
  • Towels
  • ​Toilet Articles

What to Wear:
​The following guidelines for clothing worn by all participating in camp activities are as follows:

  • Shorts must be to the knee
  • No sleeveless shirts
  • No low cut or see-through blouses
  • No tight-fitting clothing
  • Cover-ups must be worn to and from swimming pool

Note of Interest to Parents:

  • Mid Missouri Bible Camp carries SECONDARY medical insurance coverage for all campers and staff members.

  • Parents are liable to pay for any damages or destruction of camp property caused by their child.

  • Swimming tests will be given before campers will be allowed to swim. Parents should provide life jackets if needed.

  • Personal displays of affection between campers will not be allowed.

​* Perhaps you do not have any children but you may know of a child who would like to attend camp but can not afford to go. It would be a great work for you to help send a child to camp. Only God knows the good that might come from such a kind deed.


Eric Richardson and David Long